UNIT-VIII, Bhubaneswar


L.K.G.  English, Arithmetic, Art & Creft, Conversation., Environmental Concepts, Physical Activity
U.K.G English, Arithmetic, Art & Creft, Hindi/ Odia, Environmental Concepts, Conversation, Physical Activity
Std I To IV: English, Hindi/ Odia, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Art, Craft, G.K., Moral Education, Conversation, HPER

Std III To IV: Computer Science, Yoga, Dance, Music
N.B.: Apart from English any one language will be offered i.e. either Hindi or Odia.     
Std V To VIII: English, Hindi, Odia, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science, Social Studies, Moral Education, G.K., Computer Science (Work Experience), Health & Physical Education, Art, Education (Music, Painting, Dance, Yoga)
N.B.: Apart from English either Hindi or Odia is compulsory. Students who opt for Hindi as 2nd Language have to take Odia as 3rd Language and Students who opt for Odia as 2nd Language should take Hindi as 3rd Language. The Subjects opted for 2nd Language and Art Education is not alterable.

Students who are not natives of Odishaor pupils of public servants on transfer from other states only may opt Sanskrit as 3rd Language from Class VII onwards. ​A processing fee of Rs. 4000/- will be collected for any change in option.

Std IX & X: English, Hindi/ Odia/ Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science (Work Experience), Health & Physical Education, Art Education,
N.B.: In addition to English only one language will be offered. 
Std XI & XII: English Core, Work Experience, Health & Physical Education, General Studies (Compulsory for all).

Elective Group I: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

4th Elective: Biology/ Computer Science/ Physical Education/Economics

Elective Group III: History, Economics, Political Science

4th Elective: Phy. Edn/ Odia/ Geography

N.B.: Subjects offered by each individual school depends upon the facilities available in the school.

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